Our store

Here you can find our store location. Please feel free to contact us:

Store name Store address Working hours
The Ageas Bowl Shop The Ageas Bowl, Botley Road, West End, Southampton, S030 3XH

You are welcome to contact Michael at anytime michael@ageasbowlshop.co.uk for information.
For the rest of this year the shop will open every Saturday from 20th October until Saturday 22nd December, Opening hours 11am - 3pm

The logistics of opening from January 2019 until the commencement of the season will be assessed and information relating to further opening hours communicated through this website.

We will hold our usual CHRISTMAS SALE Thursday 20th, Friday December 21st December & Saturday 22nd December, opening hours 10am - 4pm.

All products can be purchased in the normal way online, but please allow potentially 7 -10 days for delivery as the post will only be sent out once a week on the Monday.